Tokidoki is Hiring a Toy Designer!

Tokidoki is Hiring
photo © dal’s dolls via Flickr

Do you like unicorns? I mean really like unicorns? Can you defend the fact that the tokidoki Barbie was trending higher than Muammar Gaddafi on the day of his death? Have you committed yourself to tokidoki permanently? If you answered yes to all of those questions, and you can design toys, Los Angeles-based tokidoki is seeking a Toy Production Associate:

We are seeking someone passionate about toys and pop culture products with the skills listed below to join the tokidoki team and facilitate further growth in our collectibles and gift category. This is a very exciting opportunity for someone who is a highly motivated self-starter.

Click here to read about the responsibilities and requirements for the position. With 2011 being a particularly rough year for independent toy companies and toy stores (for instance, this and this), it’s nice to see tokidoki expanding their toy production department. Good luck!

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