Misty Fog Fenga Papits from Le Merde

Misty Fog Finger Puppets aka fenga papits by Le Merde x Gargamel

Hooray for toy news from the land of Le Merde! Mike will be releasing his Misty Fog characters as multi-colored vinyl finger puppets (fenga papits). The 5-piece sets include a Moai Head, Sphinx, Stonehenge, Pyramid and Body in 7 possible colors.

Misty Fog Finger Puppets by Le Merde x Gargamel

Le Merde’s Misty Fog finger puppets are available directly from Le Merde here this Saturday, February 23rd at 11AM PST for $45/set. Collectors based in Japan are being asked to order theirs through  Gargamel’s website.

Fenga Papit
Fenga Papits: Just say it out loud.

Shockingly, “fenga papit” was rejected from the Know Your Meme site due to a lack of notability. Oh the humanity.

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