Carlos Enriquez-Gonzalez Profile in Juxtapoz!

Carlos Enriquez-Gonzalez in February's JuxtapozI’m so excited to see this. I’ve been checking the local bookstores daily. (Thanks to my buddy, Leecifer, for the subscriber scan.)

I always enjoy reading the Profiles section in Juxtapoz. It feels like you’re getting a little intimate anecdote between an artist and a friend or a fan. I was stoked to be asked to write one for Carlos Enriquez-Gonzalez, for whom I am both a friend and a fan. The profile is a nugget of My Surreal Night with Carlos Enriquez-Gonzalez, and there is much more to the story if any daring art/psych periodicals are reading and want the full NC17 experience…

See you next weekend at Carlos’ TAG show in LA. We just decided to be spontaneous and drive down! Oh yeah: definitely pick up the February issue (#21) of Juxtapoz, and read all the profiles and everything else. It’s got a red header and should be in stores this week!