Astronaut Jesus For Healthcare

Astronaut Jesus by DOMA

Has it really been seven years since adFunture released DOMA‘s Astronaut Jesus figure? The biblical 10-inch vinyls came in several colorways, including flocked and GID, and can still be found for fair prices.

Astronaut Jesus by DOMA

Here’s the message DOMA wrote on the Astronaut Jesus packaging:

Jesus is back!! In his second visit to Earth, let us rejoice!! After a long journey from outer space, he returns with his message of love, unity and peace to the people of earth. The past few centuries he was traveling the outskirts of the universe bringing the great power of his word to other planets in need of his righteous ways. And now just as we thought we had been deserted, Jesus has returned to restore order to our chaotic world…Please teach us and show us the way!! He is an elite member of the astronaut gods that have come to our planet since the beginning of time to shape our civilization and the world as we know it. Let the passion of AstroChrist fulfill our lifes and hearts once again.

Hmmm…kinda makes you think, huh?

JESUSCARE protest sign

Well-played, redheaded pacifist!


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