MAQET x Frank Kozik Exclusives for DesignerCon

MAQET x Frank Kozik Exclusives mini-Heathrows for DCON

Here’s an early morning surprise for American insomniacs and everyone else awake around the world: MAQET ‘s got a late-breaking, prickly little DesignerCon exclusive. We’ve taken Frank Kozik‘s Heathrow (last seen at San Diego Comic-Con), shrunk him down and dipped him in sherbet. Yeah: adorable.

MAQET x Frank Kozik Exclusives mini-Heathrows for DCON

I’ll be bringing the limited special edition “sherbet-flavored” Frank Kozik exclusives to DesignerCon on Saturday. They’re priced at $20, and there are two ways to get one: Come to ToyPinionated’s booth #412 (say hi to Matt, Yosiell, Troy and Vanessa) and pay in cash. Or, find me walking around the convention, and you can pay with cash or credit card. If you’re not sure what I look like, check out the portraits of me in the upper right-hand corner of this page. Or follow me on Twitter where everyone says my avatar looks just like me.

There’s a limit of 2 per customer please. However, if we have any mini-Heathrows left after 2PM, and you want more, come back to booth #412 or flag me down and get you some Plastin hedgehogs!

MAQET x Kozik pins

I’ll also be toting around tons of awesome free pins featuring MAQETs by Frank Kozik, Scott Tolleson, Shin & Nao and Yosiell Lorenzo. We might have to finish making them in the car ride down to Pasadena, but there should be plenty to go around. Find me, or Scott or Yosiell, and we’ll button you up. SEE YOU AT DESIGNERCON.

See everybody else back here on the blog early next week!