Shing Yin Khor at DesignerCon

Dude! Look at Shing Yin Khor counting all those Benjamins! She cleaned house at DesignerCon.

In a world where many artists make little Sculpey monsters, Shing Yin Khor’s creatures stand out. Shing Yin has mad Sculpey Skillz, AND she gives her characters multi-faceted (and often familiarly dysfunctional) personalities. Hey, look at her counting those Washingtons in the upper left hand corner of this picture again!

Check out more from her Specimen 7 series here.

Marlowe may not be for sale, but if you have a taste for dark humor, you are encouraged to follow his adventures here.

Any available Specimens and monsters from DesignerCon will be available on Shing Yin’s Etsy shop here. You’ve become a regular fixture on the toycon circuit, sister; see you at the next one!

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