Bwana Spoons and Spoonful of Star Wars at DesignerCon

Oh look, here’s Bwana Spoons.

Bwana released his newest figures, Boris and Randall.

And there was also a whole bunch of other stuff, like custom-painted toys.

Bwana was representing in both the far corners of the convention center. Here are a few selections from his Spoonful of Star Wars one-day show.

This special exhibition of over 100 original paintings by artist Bwana Spoons features portraits of vintage Star Wars™ action figures done in the artist’s signature style. Bright colors, rainbows, humor and fart jokes come though in what Bwana calls, “an awesome dream project.” Dov Kelemer and Sarah Jo Marks of DKE Toys commissioned Bwana Spoons to reinterpret each vintage Kenner Star Wars™ action figure from the original line 1977-1985.

Check out the security guard posted at the entrance to the show. He was either loving or hating life that day. I’m going to go with loving. It’s what Bwana would have wanted. Click through for some additional spoonfuls.