Andrew Bell at Comic-Con

Andrew Bell and Blue Sashimi

I happened upon Mr. Andrew Bell signing sashimis at the Dumbrella booth. Bell won big at The Designer Toy Awards (coverage and commentary forthcoming). When I have my own awards show, I’m going to give him an award for best laugh, which, incidentally is a tie with Brandt Peters

Blue Sashimi by Andrew Bell

SDCC 2011 marked the debut of Bell’s limited edition Bluefin O-No Sashimi. Because of the scarcity of its 250 piece allotment, these suckers immediately popped up on eBay at 3X the Comic-Con price of $40. With a lucky blip of wi-fi, I intercepted a request from my French friend Jean-Luc and was able to procure him his fish at fair market value.

Andrew Bell signing at Dumbrella

People were buying the Bluefin edition in multiples. One to keep and one to flip? Who knows…I’m not one to judge. Oh wait a minute… As for me, [SPOILER ALERT!] I picked up the green, unlimited colorway, releasing soon at stores near you. Click through for pics.

Green Sashimi by Andrew Bell

Andrew Bell and Green Sashimi