3D Canvas Custom Toys Show at Terminal22

There’s really no way to say this without sounding geographically biased, but the 3D Canvas Show at Terminal22 in Oakland was quite possibly one of the best group custom toys shows I’ve been to in a while. When I snuck in for a sneak peek on Thursday, the block was deserted. Returning Friday night for the show, a lively crowd filled the gallery’s new location, spilling out onto the street.

If I had to describe this show in one word, I’d go with “diverse.” 3D Canvas featured a range of toys, mediums and artists. Regarding the latter, there were the ‘usual suspects’ (who never disappoint) like Leecifer, Motorbot and OsirisOrion and plenty of new names (including lots of locals). Regarding the former, thanks to STRANGEco, artists got free toys to transform. The result: inspired takes on Bob Dob and Jermaine Rogers production pieces. The lesson: if you’re a company or a store, sponsor a show and give artists some free figures!

People who wandered in off the streets following the scent of free beer were ‘greeted’ by Jay222‘s menacing 36-inch Qee–just one of several large customs by the local artist.Wasted Talent took his figures to another level–literally vivisecting Amanda Visell’s Playset piece in “Pizza Gator” and turning the innocent Oink Le Rouge into “Piranha Plant 2010.” Nearby, Geoffrey Trapp’s understated Bugs Munny tread the line between painterly perfection and bad acid trip. Ian Ziobrowski had the best pun of the night with his Nuggy Trooper which actually ‘got lit.’ On the same tip, there was also a 420-friendly Care Bear and a Veil Specimen on crack. Bay Area represent!

Mad props are in order for Neil/Wasted Talent, Jim from STRANGEco and Dan and Jessie of Terminal22 for putting this together and pulling it off in such style. Honorary mentions go out to Joanne and Ray from Dragatomi who support the scene by making it to every show (all the way from Sacramento), and Jesse Hernandez who always comes out and often has cool stickers and cute children in tow.

3D Canvas is open to the public on weekends. If you’re anywhere nearby, come take it in. The show features customized toys by: Absolute Nonsense, Adam 5100, Adam Caldwell, Alex Heinke, Andy Stattmiller, BISERama, Blame One, Brent Nolasco, Brett Amory, Brown, brushforhire, Bryan Collins, Cameron Thompson, Chelsea Rae, Christine Benjamin, Dawood Marion, Double Parlour, DR, Duncan Cook, Ezra Eismont, Evil MCA, FAS, Geoff Trapp, Germs, Ian Ziobrowski, Eric Ziobrowski, Jack Rossi, Jason Kochis, Jay222, Jefferey David Mitchell, Jenny Harada, Jeremy Regan, Joey Potts, John Casey, Keith Poon, Ken Davis, Kristen Goetz, LA RAID, Lana Crooks, Leecifer, Martin Bunyi, Matt 136, Megan Wolfe, Michael Shantz, Michelle Richie, Moody, Motorbot, Nemo, Nerviswr3k, Nick The Ring, Nobody, NReazon, OHM, Optikmass, OsirisOrion, Owen Oertling, Patrick Francisco, Peabe, Phoneticontrol, Project Elefont, PJ Williams, Rsinart, Saintkid, Shane Saw, Skinner, Somebody, Suckadelic, Suzanne Russo, Task One, Tiki Jay One, TNES, Tone Tank, Tyler, Wasted Talent, We Kill You, Wisechick and Zam.

[This story originally appeared on SpankyStokes’ site here.]