WTF? Ron English and Chris Brown

Ron English and Chris Brown's F.A.M.E.I have a couple acronyms for the way I feel about Ron English doing the cover art for Chris Brown’s new album, F.A.M.E. Let’s start with WTF, and then progress into other three-letter combos like: UGH! This Tumblr tells us that Chris and Ron┬árecently enjoyed dinner together and that Chris has a Ron English tattoo and that Chris is maybe going to start a new art movement called “Breezy Art” and…I’m sorry I just threw up.

Ron English and Chris Brown

Ron English, I love what you do. I bought all your Telegrinnies. They are genius. Why did you do this? When it comes to artists and Chris Brown, there is one visionary who comes to mind: Alex Pardee.

Alex Pardee on Chris BrownNeed to see it up close?

Chris Brown's Favorite Food is Dog DickThese giclee prints came with copies of Alex’s Secrets of Hollywood book (five bucks, pick it up) a couple years ago. The Chris Brown prints are long gone, but I remember.