Joy Division and Smiths Albums as Book Posters

Joy Division posters by Standard Designs

One of my favorite features of the Internet is that somewhere out there on the World Wide Web, there’s a niche for everyone. By extension, it’s entirely likely an entrepreneurial member of aforementioned niche has created something that means nothing to most folks—but to you, it means everything! And that’s what we’re looking at here.

Smiths album/book posters by Standard Designs

Standard Designs has made THE PERFECT item for that guy/girl you know who used to be kinda gothy and is now mostly bookish, but still thinks British music of the 80s was the best music ever. The creative thinkers of Standard turned songs by Joy Division, The Smiths and New Order into book titles. Then, they rendered these books (organized by album) into posters. What splendid sorcery is this?!

Smiths album/book posters by Standard Designs

They call them “literary and artistic posters” and write:

Need something pleasant & witty for the reader, writer, artist, theater-goer or all-round artsy person in your life (possibly yourself)? You’ve come to the right place!

I love everything about this, not the least of which being that purchasing a print is kinda like joining a virtual group of people who you can only imagine are just like you. Each poster measures 16.5 x 11.5 inches (42 x 29.7 cm) and is printed on 120lb “premium archival heavy silk paper.” They’re shipped flat for $19.69 each right here.

New Order album/book posters by Standard Designs

If you think I should have one or more of these on my walls, consider chipping in with a small donation here. Thanks, and have a great weekend!

Joy Division posters