Tiny Fuppets are Fantástico!

scene from Tiny Fuppets: A Modest Wish

If you’ve talked to me over the last week, you know I’m now at the tail end of a (non-toy-related) writing project that’s been kicking my ass. Thank Gonzor there’s Tiny Fuppets to get me through! It’s kind of like if a neurotic Portuguese bootlegger decided to pick up Jim Henson’s Muppet Babies (1984-1991) in 2011. To quote Tiny Fuppets’ Ms. Woman: “What a visual carnival!”

scene from Tiny Fuppets: A Modest Wish

I was introduced to the series with A Modest Wish, in which Kormit expresses a yearning for mondo elevador sapatos that French president Nicolas Sarkozy has also felt. I, too, know this feeling.

scene from Tiny Fuppets: A Modest Wish

Oh just watch the video already!

Seu fosse grande, I wouldn’t be at the mercy of my “witty” friends @freeny and @WachineMachine!

"a stand-up journalist"

AS YOU SHOULD ALWAYS DO, make sure you watch through the credits, where there are a few extra gems, including the one below that makes me wonder if I should “Winkelvoss” the creator of Tiny Fuppets because this is just so clearly a page ripped from my own life!

scene from Tiny Fuppets: A Modest Wish

Speaking of the Tiny Fuppets creator, there are many reasons for writers (and now designers, too) to hate on The Huffington Post, but today I dislike them most for spoiling the Tiny Fuppets story for me. I’m torn between wanting to give credit to creative genius and keeping the myth alive. Click through (or scroll down to the bottom, depending on how you arrived here) if you want to see the attribution. Additional Tiny Fuppets videos await you after the jump. Fantástico!

Tiny Fuppets comes from the mind of comedy writer Scott Gairdner. I salute you, Scott, and yet I will continue to await further installments of Tiny Fuppets from Arturo Lima!