Three Designer Faucets for Gadget Geeks

Nendo's Faucet Stand
Nendo’s Faucet Stand

Renters can’t be choosers, but if you feel a yen for designer plumbing, you can still sate it with faucets of another function. Japanese design studio Nendo created their ‘Jaguchi’ (‘faucet’ or ‘tap’) line of stands for use with smartphones and tablets. Composed of polycarbonate plastic with ABS faucet parts, the stands take the appearance of an old fashioned faucet from which water is streaming into a small puddle. The rather beautiful popjects are available in four colors. Designboom has the full story here.

Qi Weijia's USB Charging Tap
Qi Weijia’s USB Charging Tap

Still in the concept stage is Qi Weijia’s Charging Tap: “an adorable hub that takes in cellphones, digital cameras, MP3 and other USB enabled devices, for charging”. The product design recently appeared on Yanko’s website here. Yanko’s tagline is “Form Beyond Function”. Hopefully, the USB Charging Tap will make an appearance in their fun, online store soon.

Flower Basin by Hego Waterdesign
Flower Basin by Hego Waterdesign

OK so you’d have to be a pretty committed renter to install one of these pricey Italian faucet systems in your rental apartment, but it sure is beautiful. No doubt plants will enjoy the sensation of flowing water, but I don’t quite understand how you regulate temperature so as not to scald the flower. Orchids are so delicate and can be quite hard to maintain even without the interference of modern design and technology. Regardless, Hego Waterdesign has this and other ideas to make your bathroom basin memorable.