Alex Pardee Gets an iPhone App!

Alex Pardee iPhone AppWhat a day of incredible connections, and it’s not even 2PM yet. Check THIS.

  1. Alex Pardee once famously and generously compared my blogging skills to a sloth.
  2. A sloth is somewhat like a slow loris, creatures so kawaii, I had to post about them this morning.
  3. Simultaneously this morning, Alex Pardee released his first iPhone app!

The app, coded by Jarryd Hall, is essentially a Portable Pardee Portfolio uniting his work across various fields like film, painting and writing. He made the app to solve the problem of sharing artistic output with people while on the move in real time/real life.

Wanna stare at bright colors and argue with your friends about what kind of drugs I’m on half the time when I paint? (hint: nothing). Tired of attempting to describe to your friends that you saw something online that looked like a giant pink retarded bubble monster getting strangled by a gremlin with anger issues but have no reference to show them? Wanna check out everything that’s going on with my website and art but you’re bored of the regular old browser on your phone or touch that was SO 2009? Want to be the coolest inmate on death row? (*this one applies only to people on death row, sorry). Well, now, THERE’S AN APP FOR THAT!

Alex Pardee's iPhone App

Alex is a great guy and a talented artist/writer. Isn’t it awesome when there’s happy news to report about people who deserve it? Download Alex’s iPhone app for just 99 cents here.