Pantone Underwear: Underpantones and Pantytones

Pantone underwear

In case you’ve been living under a (beige) rock for the last couple years, Pantone (“the authority on color”) has been spreading its brand to the non-design world through popjects. Lots and lots of popjects. Pantone flower pots and Pantone Christmas ornaments, for instance. Pantone even got into edibles, so why not wearables?


South African design group, Mark, mocked up a concept for Pantone underwear:

Overuse? Maybe. But, as they say, if you can’t beat ‘em… so, over a few beers, we decided to add to the products on offer. Ladies and gentlemen, for him and for her, we present underpantones (and, of course, pantytones)! If we had our way it’s what every well-dressed designer would be wearing.

Don’t you kind of wish this was real? Pardon my (double) pun, but Underpantones fits snugly into that grey area between art and design. Taken at face value, Underpantones are underwear with a pop of color. Who wouldn’t want boxer briefs in Pantone 2013 Color of the Year 17-5641 (Emerald)? I’m imagining that I’m wearing 17-5641s right now, and I feel so happy!

And then, on the other hand, Underpantones are wonderful social commentary. They sorta say ‘Hey, perhaps Pantone should cool it with all the licensed products before it makes a respected brand look like a cash grab and becomes the next mustache?’

So either way, it’s win-win for me. Please Mark, make this underwear. If the Pantone license is too expensive, you can always slash prices and go for the bootleg: “Ripped Underpantones.”


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