Match a Gas Mask Ring to Your Toys

Gas Mask Ring by Alchemy Gothic

It could be said that some toy designers (below, left to right: Ashley Wood, Dril One and Ferg) have a thing for gas masks. In terms of design, the gas mask is a dynamic form that can stir a range of emotional reactions. Well, if you want to turn your passion for gas-ion into fashion (whoa), Alchemy Gothic will hook you up with this silver Gas Mask ring (above). The rings are made to order for an Oslo, Norway-based shop called Manillusion and come complete with rubber hose and slave ring. I’m not 100% sure I did the conversion correctly, but I think that the Norwegian Krone price of this “statement piece” translates to $~383 USD. There’s only two available here.

Gas Mask Toys by ThreeA, Dril One and Ferg

[Hat tip to Sweet-Station]