Cornify Any Website

Unicorns are Magical

Did you think my last post about the Gunshot Doorknob was gratuitously violent? Well just for you, I’ve fixed the situation by making it needlessly unicorny. I did this using Cornify, a website, plugin and bookmarklet that produces rainbows and unicorns on-demand. Random corniness is excellent, but I’d also like to point out that the code worked along with my WordPress to insert the word “CUTE” in front of my post’s title, thus making it a “CUTE Gunshot Doorknob”. My byline also turned pink. (See graphic below.)

Cornify is the #1 unicorn and rainbow service worldwide, spreading sparkly happiness around the world. 50,000,000+ unicorns and rainbows provided.

Huzzah! Now we’re really ready for The My Little Pony Project at Toy Art Gallery on May 5th! Thanks @willak, for this necessity.

Cute and Corny