French Design Duo Makes Cat Lamps Their Pet Project

MiCha Assis © Kuntzel+Deygas cat lamps
MiCha Assis © Kuntzel+Deygas

Kuntzel+Deygas are a duo of visual artists who  live and work in Paris. Last year, Olivier Kuntzel + Florence Deygas launched an online boutique for a true “pet project”: the MiCha cat lamps. The series of four gorgeous anthropomorphic steel and aluminum lighting structures are just what my house is missing.

How cool is this? Just like Squeeze said: “It’s Cool For Cats”. Click through for more cat lamps.

By designing MiCha as a pet lamp, the artists express both their own vision of high-end lighting and create an unusual and yet comforting character. Just like in an animated film, Kuntzel+Deygas’ petlamp is a drawing come to life, breaking down its movements into several poses. The light projected by MiCha becomes a form of living graphic animation. Luxurious and well bred, the MiCha lamp is a collector’s item that comes in a range of four different models. The first litter is composed of MiCha assis (sitting), MiCha en marche (walking), MiCha dos rond (stretching his back) and Baby MiCha assis patapouf (sitting).

MiCha des Rond © Kuntzel+Deygas cat lamps
MiCha des Rond © Kuntzel+Deygas

About 10 different steps are needed to assemble the 30 handmade pieces for each lamp. From the original sketch, the shape is laser cut into a thin plate of steel. The steel silhouette is “folded” and painted with a damage-proof automotive industry lacquer. The stylized head is made out of an aluminum bowl. The cat’s “whiskers” are represented by thin, tailor-made coils. Due to its ball and socket joint system, the head is articulated and the light can be directed accordingly. The long power-cord is meant to suggest a cat’s tail.

MiCha Baby Assis Patapou © Kuntzel+Deygas cat lamps
MiCha Baby Assis Patapou © Kuntzel+Deygas

Quoth the designers: “Our purpose when designing MiCha assis (sitting) was to create a strong character. We’ve imagined him as a friendly & magical watch over companion in a solemn posture.”

MiCha en Marche © Kuntzel+Deygas cat lamps
MiCha en Marche © Kuntzel+Deygas

Quoth the designers: “MiCha en marche (walking) is a kind of freeze frame on the edge of moving. As you probably know, we’re obsessed with art of motion!”

MiCha Lamps © Kuntzel+Deygas cat lamps
MiCha Lamps © Kuntzel+Deygas

So, how do you adopt one of these cats? The steel and aluminum lamps are signed and numbered in an edition of 250 each. You are unlikely to find these kittens at your local Humane Society, however. Instead, prepare to pony up 1,500 Euros here. I’ll just be putting this on my wishlist then…