The Amy Winehouse Lamp

The Amy Winehouse Lamp by Delightfull

Portugal-based makers of unique lamps, Delightfull, have chosen an abstract, yet simultaneously literal way to keep Amy Winehouse’s light from being snuffed out too soon: They’ve made a lamp based on her iconic hairstyle.

The Amy Winehouse Lamp by Delightfull

The Amy Winehouse Lamp is available in tabletop and floor styles. Here’s Delightfull on their inspiration:

Inspired by what makes her unique, Amy, is a tribute to the great British singer and songwriter. It’s an elegant piece, with personality, outlined by detail, surrounded by the black of her hair and of her golden voice.

I like that they kept it simple and tasteful, unlike the last tribute to Winehouse I featured. You can inquire about the lamp’s availability here.

The Amy Winehouse Lamp by Delightfull

[via Illusion]