Eyeball Cat Toys by Godmachine

Eyeball Cat Toys by Godmachine

Designer and illustrator, Godmachine, wants you to grab his eyeballs:

Each one lovingly made by hand, plush toys or give them to the cat, I promise you the cat will go mad as will you watching the little fucker. Have your cat look like he has savaged a wild beast and is toying with its eyeballs for fun.

This is serious testimony. See, Godmachine lives with two cats: Bear and Miss Boo Boo Kitty Fuck II. You can read more about them in today’s interview with Godmachine here.

Chanukah Cat

The 4-inch hand-made wool eyeball cat toys cost £10 each and include a free sticker. Stock up here.

Above is a bonus cat pic of Bailey, who has somewhat of a resemblance to Bear, and as shown, has chosen the Jewish lifestyle.


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