Your Name in Color-Changing Lights

Love Light color-changing lights by Names in Lights

Names in Lights is a UK-based duo who make bespoke sculptures using color-changing lights. Jill Bonner and John Blackburn have a combined background in stained glass, engineering and prop making. Together, they create magic. Truly. They describe their work in such a whimsical way that it requires a direct quote:

“Truly unique, mesmeric creations with a genuine ‘Wow!’ factor. The effect is extraordinary. A constant, subtle colour change, as if rainbows have been harnessed to the rippling fire of the aurora and captured within blocks of crackled ice.”

Color-changing lights by Names in Lights

Here’s a bit about the process:

Here at ‘Names in Lights’, first, we painstakingly carve each individual letter.  Next, we create our unique moulds.  Only then can we cast each letter individually in clear resin, and using a secret method developed in our studios, we carefully create our signature crackle effect.  This cleverly bounces the light around within each and every letter to maximise the refraction and amplify the beautiful, rainbow light.  Like the facets of a perfectly cut diamond, the end result is a scintillating play of glorious light and colour.

I got a little maudlin looking at these, and I had to do a quick and dirty Photoshop tribute to our beloved Bailey, who we lost this past Monday. I’m sure the professionals would do a much better job.

Names in Lights + a lil Photoshoppery

Names in Lights is a gentle color-collision of physics and art. A 4-letter name starts at ~ $110 USD with a 12-letter name rounding out at ~ $174 USD. I’m not sure who “Harry” is, but I guess he likes eyeballs. Order one for someone you love here!

May I recommend a Ligano/Reese snowglobe to go with it?

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