Pop Culture Nesting Dolls

pop culture nesting dolls: The Big Lebowski
The Big Lebowski Nesting Dolls © Ginger Williams

Lately there’s a lot of artwork that follows a pretty specific formula:

X (where X is a pop culture phenomenon) + Y (where Y is an nontraditional 3D "canvas") = populist art object

With so many popjects out there, it’s not just about finding them anymore: It’s about finding the best ones and virtually collecting them on this here blog. Rather than feeling burnt out by the quantity, it’s the contrary: I actually feel really excited and inspired. Which brings us to: pop culture nesting dolls.

pop culture nesting dolls: Golden Girls
The Golden Girls Nesting Dolls © Ginger Williams

Here’s what I find attractive about Jackson, Mississippi-based artist Ginger Williams‘ Nesting Dolls: they don’t feel forced. They aren’t pretentious. Although I imagine some of her collectors and customers are perhaps quintessential hipsters, Williams, appears to be quite earnest in her desire to paint the likenesses of the “uncool”. Sure Saved By the Bell is a fun footnote in 80s history, but what inspires an artist to paint A.C. Slater on a matryoshka doll? And when was the last time you even thought about Designing Women?

pop culture nesting dolls: Designing Women
Designing Women Nesting Dolls © Ginger Williams

Popjects are the great art equalizer. They bring together the Beatles, KISS, Guns-n-Roses and The Jackson Five all on the same plane. Williams’ most popular Nesting Dolls are The Golden Girls. She’s made a couple renditions of the ladies on the lanai. Two of those, plus Ghostbusters, The Breakfast Club and the aforementioned Designing Women are currently available as hand-painted one-of-a-kinds for $175 each here. I wonder if she takes requests? (Twin Peaks! Goonies!)

Check out selected pop culture Russian Nesting Dolls by Ginger Williams after the jump.