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Qui Croire? (Who to Believe?) Anamorphosis Art by François Abélane

Qui Croire? (Who to Believe?), a work of anamorphosis art by french artist François Abélanet, is a sprawling mass of grass of sand that appears, when viewed at the proper angle, as though it were a large sphere. The installation can be experienced in front of the steps of Paris’ city hall through July 15th, in the center of a garden dedicated to urban trees. It took about 90 people to install the work over the course of 5 days.

Qui Croire? (Who to Believe?) Anamorphosis Art by François Abélane

Ah, but look at it from this angle! Cool, huh? Here’s what Abélanet says about the installation:

We live in a world where one hears the debates of ecologists, scientists, manufacturers… I simply wanted to note the problem of the tree and invite people to question the place that it, nature, and the environment have in their lives.

astro-turf balls

I wonder if Abélanet was on the grass when he came up with this idea…you know on the grass? I think it’s an excellent idea, and I’d love to go photograph it myself. As it’s unlikely that I’ll be able to find my way to Paris before July 15th, I’m consoling myself with these 6-inch “Turf Balls” I discovered on sale at Crate and Barrel yesterday. I finally have something to do with them now! [via Designboom]

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