Christmas Tree Casualties

Christmas tree casualties

If you live in a major city, for the last few weeks you’ve probably been confronted by images like those above. Christmas tree casualties aren’t just proof of people’s wastefulness and shortsightedness, but they’re also super sad. Trees rule! I don’t understand the custom of elevating a tree to a decorated status only to shove it in a garbage can a couple weeks later. But then again, I eat the Chozen ice cream.

D*face: Tree for Life (Christmas tree casualties)

UK-based street artist D*face gets it. He writes: “A tree is for life not just for Xmas!”

D*face: Tree for Life (Christmas tree casualties)

D*face intervenes on behalf of the Christmas trees and gives them sight. Along with sight, they get judgment. It’s hard to look that discarded tree in the eyes now, isn’t it?

D*face: Tree for Life

Oh hai! Even KAWS is getting in on the action! More “Eyebaubles” here. You may also appreciate this Norwegian tree sighting…