Art by Dr. Death: Jack Kevorkian Posters

Art by Dr. Death: Jack Kevorkian PostersJust because it’s only June doesn’t mean it’s too early to start thinking about next Fall’s dormitory wall decor. If you think Klimt is a collegiate cliche, here’s something no one else at school will have: posters by recently deceased assisted suicide advocate, Jack Kevorkian.

The art is currently on view at Armenian Library and Museum of America in Watertown, Massachusetts and online at the Ariana Gallery where you can purchase signed posters for $500 each.

Kevorkian provided some context for the works. Click through to read his thoughts on For He is Raised (above left) and Very Still Life (above right).

Jack Kevorkian on For He is Raised:

The annual resurrection by dumb bunnies of a pathetic, despairing, almost scorned image of purported divinity is hardly noticeable amid the garish paraphernalia of irresistible paganism at its vernal orgy. It is a spectacle badly conceived, poorly manipulated and superbly desecrated by the disciples of Mammon, who, with armfuls of brilliant multi-colored eggs and with gleeful joy, framed in parade-stopping millinery, might, in a rare pseudo-pious mood briefly condescend to acknowledge some sort of disquieting mystery pervading it all. Such is the perfunctory Easter of modern western society that seems to have lost appreciation for anachronisms like rods and staffs and angels and lambs.

Jack Kevorkian on Very Still Life:

The message here, though somewhat capricious, nebulous, and indefinable, is clearly underscored by intense feeling and brilliant colors. These highlight the melancholy age-old balance between the warmth of life and the iciness of death, spiced with the sardonic humor of irony.

The disquieting mood portends inescapable doom for the frail symbol of individual life and through seemingly callous extinction of its evanescent aura. The age-old balance is certainly skewed.

[via Animal New York]