Original Junko Mizuno Comics for Help Japan Art Fundraiser

Original Pure Trance pages from Junko Mizuno

Junko Mizuno, who is from Japan, has donated 16 original comic pages from Pure Trance to the “Help Japan” art fundraiser.

These are the original pages from Pure Trance CD Booklet version. The comic was first serialized in the booklets for techno CD series in Japan from around 1997 to 1999. The Pure Trance graphic novel that is available now is a revised version. So these originals have different art from the graphic novel.

The O.G. Junko Mizuno comics are priced at $150, which is an absolute bargain for an original important work by Junko Mizuno. Each page is an inked comic drawn and signed by Junko Mizuno. You can help Japan by purchasing one here.

ALL proceeds go to Japan Red Cross Iwate prefecture branch..as well as select hospitals and relief groups in affected areas. For those of us who have expressed concern about Junko and her family/friends back home, she writes:

I’m in San Francisco and all my family and friends are safe. I’m still very anxious, confused and lacking sleep  but trying to work normally now. Watching Japanese news on TV and hoping things won’t get any worse there…

Same here. Browse all of the Help Japan artwork at QPOP here.