The Art of Toys on Amazon

I made it to the big time! Amazon’s Toy Whimsy blog invited me to be a guest blogger, and I began writing an Art Toys 101 column called “The Art of Toys.” In addition to being part of the TW blog, my posts were featured on Amazon’s Daily Blog, where they got more traffic than the majority of my posts on niche toy blogs combined. Occasionally, I post a blast from the past. This little post about Devo toys apparently got an unprecedented number of hits.

As a writer, an interesting challenge for me is to write for different markets. Toy Whimsy’s audience consists mainly of parents who know nothing of collectible art toys. This was a short-lived position for me, as I suspect my stories didn’t really fit the blog, nor did the toys I was writing about easily link to products in stock at Amazon. It was fun while it lasted though. Click the screengrabs to read the full articles.