Luke Chueh’s Taxidermy Bronze Available Now

Luke Chueh x Fully Visual bronze Jack

Luke Chueh‘s bronze Jack [previously] has arrived! The new format finds Chueh’s 2005 painting reimagined as a taxidermic trophy cast in metal by Los Angeles-based fine arts foundry, Fully Visual.

Chueh’s beloved painting of a rogue rabbit who has unceremoniously removed (‘jacked’) an antelope’s antlers in order to transform himself into… nothing other than a Jackalope! A clever take on the original painting, the new sculpture offers an abrupt and perhaps karmic conclusion to the saga.

In other words: what goes around, comes around…

Luke Chueh's bronze Jack

Chueh has been blogging behind the scenes pictures of Jack’s development. Many vinyl toy collectors balk at the cost of bronze, so it helps to understand the expensive and artisanal process of quality metalwork.

Luke Chueh's bronze Jack (process)

The Jack wall-mounted bronze (9”x8”x5”) comes with a certificate of authenticity featuring a hand-drawn portrait by Chueh for $1,200 here. Today happens to be Luke’s birthday, so buy him a birthday present for yourself!

Luke Chueh's bronze Jack (certificates of authority)

[You might also be interested in Luke and Kim Chueh’s collaborative catastrophe, “Untitled/The Hand That Feeds,” for Earth Movement. It’s currently still available here.]