Kevin Titzer Contest!

The Art of Kevin Titzer

I really dig the sculptural works of Canadian-transplant Kevin Titzer. Similar to what I was saying in yesterday’s interview about how Greg “Craola” Simkins’ paintings tell stories without words, Titzer’s do the same thing in three dimensions. On his characters, Titzer writes:

As for who these characters are. I don’t know, it depends on the day. They just tell the stories that I have a hard time articulating myself.

Putting the art back into the articulation? Makes sense to me!

Kevin Titzer's Traveling with Dodos

SpankyStokes has a great interview and contest with Titzer going on right now. Stokes and Titzer talk about the sculpture above, entitled: Chapter 1. Obsolescence Road: Traveling With Dodos. Here’s Titzer:

I have a long time fascination with dodos. They’re just such wonderfully goofy looking birds and fun to carve. They are also loaded with baggage which makes them a great short hand metaphor for obsolescence or stupidity. It seems like the world just keeps speeding up at a mind boggling rate and I don’t always feel in step with it.

I know the feeling.

The Art of Kevin Titzer

This porcupine-face afflicted character is another one of my favorites. For the chance to win an original, hand-carved sculpture by Kevin Titzer, head over here, and follow the contest directions. I’m looking forward to seeing what comes next.