Friday 03-09-12 Instagram Roundup

photo by @agent_r

I’ve decided to start doing weekly Instagram roundups. Each Friday, I’ll pull a handful of photos that I’ve “liked” on the photo-sharing network and share them here on my blog. Basically, this means you can expect to see more toys, cats, text and various things that are green. #yay! Above, Ray from Dragatomi is playing around on the job again.

photo by @tacobelljimhenson

I enjoy Instagram. I’ve found new designers to follow (like Kevin Herdeman and Bryan Brutherford), and it provides an interesting look behind the scenes. Above, Skinner has a really sweet relationship with his cat.

photo by @vinylgoddess

I might see a sneak peek of a forthcoming Skelve…

photo by @doubleparlour

…or an array of new figures for an upcoming Con.

photo by @cats_of_instagram

And then there’s stuff like this. Is this even fucking real? Is it legal to be this cute? Is this a Furby?

photo by @mrs_shaffer

I know you’re not supposed to delight at burning bridges, but I’d be lying if there wasn’t something in this sentiment that resonated ever-so-slightly.

message from my cuz, @bryanbrutherford

Another year older, and certainly the first year it’s been commemorated with dog toys! See you next week!