New Moon Mouse by Sergey Safonov

Sergey Safonov's Moon Mouse

What kind of a madman would release a new toy right in the midst of Comic-Con mayhem? Sergey Safonov (visual for the crazy face), that’s who!

Sergey Safonov's Moon Mouse

Moon Mouse is the fourth member of Safonov’s wonderful fleet of Moon Wanderers. Quiet as a mouse in the Comic-Con flurry, Moon Mouse now joins Moon Fox, Moon Cat and Kluth. Safonov writes:

I was sure that the Moon Wanderers series was complete, but this spring, more and more of those dreamy vessels and creatures appeared in my sketchbook. It seemed, surprisingly, this wasn’t the end. During one of my doodling sessions with my son, Ilya told me that we should continue the series and asked me to go with Moon Mouse as his favorite Wanderer among many other candidates. That’s the long story short.

The blue and yellow Moon Mouse is hand-cast in resin and painted by Safonov in Moscow. He is about 3.5 inches tall and comes with a detachable resin boat.

Sergey Safonov's Moon Mouse

Order yours here, and join the growing global community of Moon Wanderer fans and friends!

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