Found Fossil: Frank Kozik’s First Resin Labbit

Frank Kozik's First Ever Labbit

Yesterday, I discovered this awesome fossil in pretty good condition considered its advanced age. And in its hand, I found a resin labbit! [Quick, press this button:]

Just kidding! I love visiting Frank Kozik in his San Francisco studio. There’s always excellent things to see, and he dispenses honest and truly helpful information. If he knows I’m on the way, sometimes he’ll even set up a touching diorama. What began with a mere interview has blossomed into a real bromance.

Frank Kozik's First Ever Labbit

Feel better, Frank! And everybody else: check out the first ever labbit. Hand-poured in resin by Kozik. Pre-dates both the Kidrobot and Bounty Hunter periods. Cool bit of hand-made history here.

P.S. I’ve been playing around with Instagram on my iPhone. What fun! These two pictures utilized the 1977 filter. You can see what I’m doing with Instagram on the web here. Follow me on your phone (@jeremyriad) and let me know if you’re on there, so I can check out your pictures, too.