Kidrobot Munny Custom Bong

Kidrobot Munny Custom Bong
Elbo/Coyle Collab Munny Direct Injection Rig

I’ve been hanging onto this image for a while, biding my time for just the right moment. That moment is now. Today, there shall be a theme, and that theme can be briefly defined as the art of the smoking apparatus. This is an incredibly fertile theme, and one which arguably has much in common with toy art. Both functional glass pipes and hand-made toys are at the margins of mainstream art. Each has a stigma (“too druggy” or “too juvenile”). Let’s begin with a piece that hits both critiques: a Kidrobot Munny custom bong.

This is a collab by Coyle and Elbo using Kidrobot’s Munny toy. It was being sold through Kulture (a source of GREAT glass), but doesn’t seem to be available any longer. If you like 420 jargon:

This direct inject bubbler stands just 4.75″ tall. One of his eyes is a black and white patchwork milli and he holds a pistol dabber in it’s hand. It will fit in either hand. There’s a 14mm male joint on his back and a 14mm globe. 14mm nail required (not included).

There’s more on the way. If you’re jonesing, consider revisiting my Top 10 Posts About Art and Pot. Or peruse the Drug Art tag archive.