MAQET 3D Printed Toys at Comic-Con

Heathrow and Frank Kozik

Heathrow the Hedgehog was a surprise guest for most Comic-Con attendees, and the response was overwhelmingly positive. The new character by San Francisco-based Frank Kozik was crafted by fellow San Franciscans, MAQET. And I was along for the ride!

Heathrow on Stoner Drive

The MAQET process for making 3D printed toys is a combination of modern technology and human craftsmanship. It’s a real game-changer in an industry previously restricted to high minimum orders and lengthy waiting periods to receive products from overseas. Well, there’s none of that here: I drove half the Heathrows from The Bay Area to San Diego for their debut. Naturally, I couldn’t resist a few photo-ops along the way…

Heathrow the Hedgehog by Kozik x MAQET at SDCC 2011

MAQETs are made of a zero-waste material called Plastin®. It looks and feels like ceramic or porcelain with a hint of plastic thrown in. Plastin® is a resilient material, and the technology allows for individual numbering, multiple variants within an edition and a host of other features designers may have previously ruled out due to the limitations of vinyl.

Super Cooper and Dril One with MAQETs

As promised, I was toting around some MAQET samples. Pictured here: Super Cooper checks out a Dankeschoen bear by Shin & Nao while Dril One examines Heathrow. I think the verdict is transmitted through a smile…

Heathrow the Hedgehog by Kozik x MAQET at SDCC 2011

Both SDCC editions of Kozik’s Heathrow the Hedgehog (orange and black, 25 pieces each) sold out early on in the convention. If you snagged one, I’d love to hear what you think of him. The material transmits light very well, so for a luminous Hedgehog experience, try setting him on top of a lightbox. Then, try starting a band and naming it “Luminous Hedgehog Experience”.

Heathrow the Hedgehog by Kozik x MAQET at SDCC 2011

This was a super-fun project to work on with Frank and MAQET. If you missed out on the Comic-Con release, follow @maqet on Twitter for the first word on the next Hogs!