Preparing the Pine Cone Snow Cones for Snowglobe Submersion

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Pine Cone Ice Scream Snow Cones by Brutherford x Jeremyriad

I spent the weekend preparing Brutherford’s Ice Scream Pine Cones for submersion. After adhering the Ice Screams to the bottoms of the snow globes, I weatherproofed them with an EnviroTex topping. I thought a lot about how collectors often tell me they like to see the “artist’s hand” in the object. Well, each Snow Cone was made by hand by Brutherford in his New Jersey studio. Then, I got handsy with them in California.

Pine Cone Ice Scream Snow Cones by Brutherford x Jeremyriad

Here they are in the sauna! (The Ice Screams must be dry before they can get wet.) The advanced cleanroom technology you’re witnessing above is the third iteration of an IKEA terrarium, having previously (and separately) existed as the winter residence of carnivorous plants and a halfway house for a wounded butterfly.

Pine Cone Ice Scream Snow Cones by Brutherford x Jeremyriad

In the end, it’ll all be worth it because our Snow Cones won’t just be the best gifts of this holiday season; they’ll be THE SEXIEST GIFTS ON EARTH. These Snow Cones are an edition of 25 pieces (+ 3 APS). Get them tomorrow, December 17th at 10AM PST for $25 each (+ shipping) from They come in gift-ready festive take-out containers with “to/from” seals, and they’ll arrive by Christmas. Domestic orders only, one per person!

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