Urban Anatomy Spraypaint Cans

Body Bomb by Souredj
Body Bomb

Spotted these resin and wood mash-ups of graffiti and anatomy on Zeutch. The French graffiti artist responsible for the urban anatomy pieces is Souredj. From what I can gather through Google translation, Souredj began painting the walls of Paris in 1994, and his passion for doing reliefs led him to study the art of sculpting and restoring historic monuments in 1998. The urban anatomy resins range in price from €350 – €1200, and I think you can purchase them here. If, like me, you enjoy the union of anatomy and pop culture, you should definitely visit Street Anatomy.

Fatcap Brain by Souredj
Fatcap Brain

Cheech Ghetto by Souredj
Cheech Ghetto
Sag Fat Cap €600
Sag Fat Cap