Snow Cones: An Ice Scream Collaboration with Brutherford

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Pine Cone Ice Scream Snow Cones by Brutherford x Jeremyriad

This just in: it’s snowing in San Francisco.

Pine Cone Ice Scream Snow Cones by Brutherford x Jeremyriad

I’ve been wanting to do something with Brutherford since breaking the story that the New Jersey-based designer makes toys while wearing cats on his head. (After that, it was only a question of when.) Now, as we head into the holiday season, we bring you an object so polarizing it could only come from the North Pole: Snow Cones, limited edition snow globes containing Brutherford’s iconic Ice Scream characters in a Pine Cone colorway.

Pine Cone Ice Scream Snow Cones by Brutherford x Jeremyriad

Is it an Ice Scream, or is it a Pine Tree? Can a skull be sweet? Because Jeremy is involved, is this some sort of veiled political statement about global warming? How did you mitigate the copious cat hair? Both. Yes. Maybe. Magically.

Pine Cone Ice Scream Snow Cones by Brutherford x Jeremyriad

It’s been kinda joyous putting this kitschy collection together, and we hope it brings you a smile. Each 5″ Snow Cone contains one Pine Cone Ice Scream, artisanal Oakland tap water and special snow. It will arrive, ready to give as a gift, tied with a green snowflake ribbon inside of a red take-out container with a tree-shaped cut-out window. They’ll be available for $25 the morning of Monday, December 17th from The Snow Cones are only able to be shipped to US addresses, and if you order Monday, they’re guaranteed to arrive in time for Kitschmas. Happy holidays! Thanks for all your support.

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  1. Posted by: crazylikeafox11 (Twitter: @crazylikeafox11) on December 14, 2012 at 3:54 pm

    I liked this before I knew it was snow globes. I must say, I like it even more now that I know it’s a snow globe. You don’t see many snow cones in this part of the art world although Beastlies come in snow globes but I missed those the other day. =/

    Great work, Jeremy!


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