Jeremyriad Exclusive Little Misfortune Cat aka JEREMYCAT

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Giant Cat or Tiny Tree?

Is this a giant Misfortune Cat or a tiny tree? Well, is your glass half empty or half full? Tonight, my cup spilleth over, and this cat is taller than a California Redwood.

Ferg x Jeremyriad Little Misfortune Jeremycat

I’m really honored (that’s chuffed for my English readers) to present‘s first ever exclusive toy. It’s a limited edition Little Misfortune Cat designed by Ferg in a gloriously green and glow-in-the-dark colorway. Unlike the recent blind-boxed little Misfortune Cat series that’s currently available around the world, the Jeremycats are bagged with header cards, and all 125 of them are under my roof. For the weekend.

Ferg x Jeremyriad Little Misfortune Jeremycat

Next week, I’ll be releasing the Jeremycats in two stages: 50 members of Ferg’s Collect and Destroy forum will be able to reserve a Jeremycat by signing up in this thread on Saturday, October 20th at 12PM PST. The remaining Jeremycats will be offered for adoption through my site on Tuesday, October 23rd Thursday, October 25th. Exact time and URL TBA.

Ferg x Jeremyriad Little Misfortune Jeremycat

Although I would love to drop parachuted Jeremycats over Syria and/or sell them to any collector who wants in, we have a limited litter here. As such, this is a strictly one cat per person situation. The adoption fee for a Jeremycat is $13 + shipping. I’ll be shipping the cats once a week, and flat-rate priority shipping is as follows: $5.35 (US), $12.95 (Mexico/Canada), $16.95 (all other countries).

Ferg x Jeremyriad Little Misfortune Jeremycat

If you’ve been a longterm reader of my blog, you’ll be familiar with a few facts: I’m crazy for cats, and I love the color green. Also: I once interviewed Ferg, and he publicly decried his two real cats, Gordy and Riley, as being “worthless.” And he just did it again! But I know he’s being sarcastic, because Ferg’s a good guy. And a good friend. When you adopt a Jeremycat, you help my blog. Big, big thanks to Ferg for making this possible and to everyone for showing me such great support over the years.

Ferg x Jeremyriad Little Misfortune Jeremycat

I wish you all good fortune in getting your Little Misfortune Jeremycat. Be sure to sign up on CAD later today if you’re a member, or else watch this space over the next few days for news of the IPO.

Ferg x Jeremyriad Little Misfortune Jeremycat

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2 Responses

  1. Posted by: Kylo76 (Twitter: @WachineMachine) on October 22, 2012 at 4:52 pm

    This toy rules, great job Ferg and Jeremy!

  2. Posted by: denise on October 27, 2012 at 3:08 pm

    Want – when can I buy?


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