Senhor Testiculo: He’s a Nut Job for Cancer Awareness

Senhor Testiculo testicular mascot

The Internet is really having a ball with Senhor Testiculo, the euphoric testacular mascot for a Portuguese cancer patient assistance organization. Brazil’s Associação de Assistência às Pessoas unleashed Senhor Testiculo, the opposite-of-a-sad sack, to raise global awareness about testicular cancer. And when Senhor Testiculo hangs, he’s totally down. But sadly, testicular cancer isn’t: it’s on the rise.

Senhor Testiculo testicular cancer mascot

If SpongeBob Squarepants shape-changed into a scrotum, he’d basically be Senhor Testiculo. Per AAPEC via Google translation:

“One testicle cheerful, playful and very catchy, which led information and joy to adults and children, men and women. With charm and elegance the new mascot distributed smiles and brightens the Campaign for Prevention of Prostate Cancer.”

“Elegance” isn’t the first adjective that swings into my mind, but they did a bang-up job with the costume given their decision to go photo-realistic. Here in America, we had Lance Armstrong carrying the torch for testicular cancer for a while. But the moral of that story is: you can’t hire a doper to do a nut job.

[Come on! That was a good one. Click for an instant rimshot]

Senhor Testiculo testicular mascot

Have you ever seen that documentary about the people in Texas who compete to win a truck by keeping a hand on the vehicle in a test of endurance? It’s called Hands on a Hard Body and it has nothing to do with this story, but everything to do with the picture above.

Mr. Testicles

Before Senor Sac was newly net-famous, there was (and still is) the less-hirsute Mr. Testicles. The latter has a full site of helpful info like how to check yourself (before you wreck yourself). Click through for “Extreme Weather Conditions for Giant Testicles .”

How can you not love this video of 100 giant testicles marching down the street in the snow? Speaking of snow, Christmas is coming (in like six months), so don’t forget about your bauballs!


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