The Heart-felt Animated GIF Biofeedback T-shirt

Heart-felt Animated Gif T-shirt

If you were wearing an animated gif T-shirt, you’d feel so alive! (You’d just have to watch out for strangers who noticed your new-found ‘huggability’.) Sean Montgomery of Produce Consume Robot is responsible for this gleefully geeky garment that shows how you feel. He hacked the fabric with sensors that read the wearer’s EKG and produce flashes of light in time with his or her heart beat. Get this guy to Project Runway stat!

Mashable reports:

The idea behind the concept is that wearing it intensifies the feeling of life and rhythm, while at the same time reminding people of their electrical and mechanical roots. It’s a way to see how the body reacts in social situations or even during exercising.

Montgomery, who has designed other biofeedback apparel including a “Thinking Cap” and a “Truth Wristband,” says:  “It’s truly amazing how much the heart responds to social interaction and yet is almost entirely ignored as it meters our life.” So true. You can pick up a Heart-Felt biofeedback t-shirt kit (dry clean only!) in sizes XS through XL for $99.95 here. Love it!