More 3D-printed Guitars

RP 3d-printed guitars

Remember these amazing 3D-printed guitars by Olaf Diegel in New Zealand? He’s now got some competition by way of the new RP Guitar fromĀ One.61 Ltd, a prototyping company also based in New Zealand.

RP 3d-printed guitars

Opinion from the audiophile community suggests that when it comes to 3D-printed guitars, many still have an ax to grind. One comment I found reads:

“I didn’t realize that all those luthiers who agonize over whether to use koa, limba, swamp ash or mahogany for their guitar bodies have no idea what they are doing…”

Derek of One.61 responds: “I’m the creator of this guitar and just want to clarify one point, we utilise CNC machined wood for the pick up mounting as to ensure a high quality tone.”