Jeremy Fish’s Listen and Learn Show is Now an App

Jeremy Fish's "Listen and Learn" iPhone app

This past summer, San Franciscan Jeremy Fish unveiled his beautiful audio-visual storytelling show, Listen and Learn, at Joshua Liner Gallery in New York. From across the country, I felt just like those Left Behind movies warned I would feel. I downloaded a ton of images off the gallery’s website to keep me company, but at best I only could experience half the show. Now, Jeremy Fish and Upper Playground have teamed up to create a new app that brings Listen and Learn to the iPhone & iPad as an interactive app.

As not all of Fish’s closest fans made it out to the exhibition, we have collaborated on the “Listen and Learn” app, bringing the interactive experience to your iPad and iPhone and bring new life to Fish’s “story paintings” and most experimental gallery show to date. The app comes bundled with 30 images of Fish’s paintings and 1.5 hours of audio stories that accompanied and inspired each piece. The “Listen and Learn” app also comes with a handful of videos and gallery of images from Fish’s exhibition.

How rad. Think about having this with you on your holiday road trips or your regular commute. The app is a $2.99 download, and to promote it Fish customized the back of an iPad2 for a giveaway on Upper Playground’s Facebook page. No, it won’t make me join Facebook, but if you’re already a member, go for it!

Jeremy Fish: Listen and Learn