I Love These Uglydoll Ceramics

Uglydolls Ceramics

I just spied these Uglydoll Ceramics, and man are they great. I love stuff that holds other stuff. The new housewares line from Uglydoll LLC made its debut at the NY Gift Fair. It’s got:

Cookie jars to hide your favorite cookies, mugs for your favorite beverage, cups so you can have some more, and coin banks to keep your “time to buy more cookies” coins in.

The prices are $12 for the mugs and cups,  $15 for the coin banks and $30 for the cookie jars. And yes, my friends, Wage and Ox provide a green colorway for all of the above. That said, despite the presence of my favorite color, I have to say the best cookie jar is really Babo (with cookie) in blue. More awesomeness from Uglydoll. Not a surprise. Get’ em here.

Uglydolls Ceramics

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