Customizable Sugar Chair by Pieter Brenner

Customizable Sugar Chair by Pieter Brenner Dutch designer Pieter Brenner has created a chair made out of 60 pounds of sugar. If you go to the website:, it will tell you this:

This is the first design chair made out of pure sugar.  Yes, you can lick it, so it will suit your own style!

Yes! You! Can!

Customizable Sugar Chair by Pieter Brenner

Above is Mr. Brenner. He says many wise things. On why he made the sugarchair:

I wanted to create a space in which the consumer himself can be creative. I wanted to show, that we still are able to play. Many people lost their creativity on their way to grow up, its as simple as that. Keep in mind, that we are here in this world for only a few years. Lets fucking start playing today…

Sugar is the symbol of capitalism. Why the hell are your Jeans not made out of sugar?

These are very good points. Why the hell aren’t your jeans made out of sugar?

Customizable Sugar Chair by Pieter Brenner

On whether there will be other sugar furniture:

You can lick the back of my chair, then you have a table. A few people have already asked me to design their homes with sugar. But i already have designes a guitar out of bones for an Arab sheik.

Way to dodge the question. As if we all haven’t designed guitars out of bones for Arab sheiks…

Customizable Sugar Chair by Pieter Brenner

On his goals:

If you go into a store and eat a piece of chocolate and think you have designed this piece, you are wrong. But if you lick my chair in your personal form, then you are the new designer and I have given my job to you. That´s my goal…

To buy your own sugarchair would mean to “Distinguish yourself. Consume your own chair.Co-Design reports the price, however, to be just slightly out of reach:

The good news: The chairs are for sale — only $11,000 a pop! The bad news: If you’re American, you’ll need more than one. Sixty pounds of sugar for us Yanks is just a Saturday night at Baskin-Robbins.

Customizable Sugar Chair by Pieter Brenner Indeed, life is sweet. Looks like Buff Monster has some competition.

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