12 Realistic Food Soaps You’ll Want to Eat

donut realistic food soaps by LoveLeeSoaps

If you grew up in the 70s or 80s and you talked back to your folks, you may be familiar with the outdated punishment of having your mouth washed out with soap. (There’s a wiki for this? Oh well, it’s better than “hotsaucing”. Shame on you, Blair Warner.) In any event, Leeana Provan of Daytona Beach has an etsy shop that makes soap ingestion a bit more appetizing. LoveLeeSoaps sells extremely realistic food soaps, of all kinds of treats for just $5 a pop.

creme-filled cookie realistic food soaps by LoveLeeSoaps

For the sweet tooths out there, she offers donuts, cookies, jellybeans, macaroons, rock candy and so much more.

hotdog realistic food soaps by LoveLeeSoaps

If you’re seeking something more substantial, you can get a soap hot dog or hard-boiled soap eggs. Nothing starts your morning like coffee soap. Make it a festive occasion in an instant with circus peanut soaps or circus popcorn soaps!

macaroon soap by LoveLeeSoaps

Just to clarify something (this being the Internet and all), neither I nor LoveLeeSoaps, endorse the idea of anyone (especially children) eating these soaps. I’m tagging them in my edible art category for irony, ok? For me (and my blog), the conceptual magic is in how the artist has created a meticulous REPRESENTATION of food for non-eating purposes.

coffee bean soap by LoveLeeSoaps

Provan’s been provin’ that folks want fun soaps for about 4 years, and she’s currently sold over 12,500 soaps. The soaps are priced excellently ($5 for most), and she takes great photos of them, too. Somewhere in here there is a joke about Dragatomi’s ToyFam and Amanda Visell’s Switcheroo Workshop from a few DesignerCons ago, but I can’t quite put it together. Check out all the soaps for sale here.

Click through for a few more of my favorites.

rock candy soap by LoveLeeSoaps

rice krispie treat soap by LoveLeeSoaps

jellybean soap by LoveLeeSoaps

popcorn soap by LoveLeeSoaps

hard-boiled egg soap by LoveLeeSoaps

circus peanuts soap by LoveLeeSoaps