Toy Stories by Aled Lewis

Deception Toy Stories
Deception © Aled Lewis

While looking for a photo, I came across the photo series, Toy Stories, by Aled Lewis. The London-based designer and illustrator stages interactions with toys, photographs the scenes and then adds commentary (and snark) through speech bubbles. 12″x12″ prints start at $20 here.

Born This Way Toy Stories
Born This Way © Aled Lewis

It seems like an increasing number of artists are using toys as surrogates for softening the blow of potentially acerbic social commentary, and personally, I continue to enjoy it. Click through for a few of my favorites from Lewis’ series, and keep up with his newest Toy Stories here.

Murder Mystery Toy Stories
Murder Mystery © Aled Lewis
Reality TV Teen Angst
Reality TV © Aled Lewis
Teen Angst Toy Stories
Teen Angst © Aled Lewis
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