Psychedelic Nightmares at White Walls Courtesy of Skinner

Masks by Skinner

Are masks the new medium? In the right hands, they form a bridge between the worlds of 2D wall art and 3D sculpture. Last week, we looked at AJ Fosik’s masks. Today, we’ve got a preview of masks by Sacramento-based artist, Skinner, for “This Fear You May Know,” his new solo show opening at San Francisco’s White Walls tomorrow night. Taking a break from the toy scene documentary he’s making, Gabriel assisted Skinner with the fabrication of the masks and writes us that they’re made of sturdy vacuum-formed plastic, measure about 18″x18″, are hand-painted by Skinner and priced at $300 each.

The Fear You May Know
The Fear You May Know

The show promises to thrill with Skinner’s blend of fantasy art and social commentary mixed into a “whole environment of bizarre psychedelic nightmarishness”. Note that this is not just the painterbation of a skilled artist raised on heavy metal and horror movies, but rather an exploration of Gods and monsters and “how bizarre and strange the cultural fabric can become”. The striking color palette also has a purpose. Says Skinner: “The psychedelic color patterns [are there] to instigate psychological interactions”.

Trip out on this video below, and come out to White Walls August 14th from 7PM-11PM. The artist will be in attendance.