Jeremy Fish Installs Silly Pink Bunny Statue in Lower Haight

This past Saturday, while driving through the Lower Haight on our way to commence the Toy Tour, we passed right by San Francisco’s own Jeremy Fish installing a giant Silly Pink Bunny on the corner of Laguna. I asked Jeremy if someone had commissioned the piece, and he said, no, it was for everyone. To try to keep it that way, he and his crew quickly bolted it in place.

On his blog, Jeremy writes:

my gang, THE SILLY PINK BUNNIES, is celebrating 20 years of being a mean gang this year. coincidentally 2011 is the year of the rabbit. this statue and mural is a tribute to the the gang and our history in the lower haight. viva la bunnies! see you this easter.

We first caught a glimpse of this imposing beast back in December, or as Jeremy put it:

while many of my “arty” contemporaries were in miami for art basel rubbing elbows and swilling cocktails, i opted to go to los angeles for 8 days to make a giant sculpture with an old friend.  i am much more interested in making art, than i am standing around talking about it…

Here’s a photo of a Silly Pink Bunnies piece dated 2002 I took last year in Clarion Alley in the Mission. I love that these ferocious monsters and clear indications of a terrifying local gang exist all over my own hood. For the toy lovers among us, it doesn’t hurt that you can also rock the gang signs in vinyl courtesy of San Francisco-based companies, STRANGEco and Ningyoushi. Nice. For more photos of the finished installation, check out Jeremy’s blog post here.