Sheet Rock Notebooks from the Bruce High Quality Foundation

Sheet rock notebooks

A confession that should surprise no one: I also collect notebooks. I’m constantly scribbling notes everywhere, so it behooves me to hoard them. Now here’s a collection of notebooks where the object is not to take notes, but rather, the object is itself.

The artists behind these sheet rock notebooks are the Bruce High Quality Foundation, a Brooklyn-based collective of anonymous and subversive Cooper Union graduates. In a 2009 interview with Art in America, they said: “The most radical gesture of art is its own existence.” In that single sentence, people who raise an eyebrow at a $500 unusable notebook might finally have a way of parsing the pricing of art…

sheet rock notebooks

The Bruce High Quality Foundation “was created to foster an alternative to everything”. Their sheet rock notebooks were produced in collaboration with Creative Time. You can purchase them in styles like Composition, Loose Leaf, Five Star and the fancy French Claire Fontaine through Grey Area (the great art object purveyors who also sell Megan Whitmarsh’s whimsical plush school supplies).

sheet rock notebooks