Enrique Marty’s Shrunken Sculptural Portraits

Grasshoppers by Enrique Marty

Grasshoppers by Enrique Marty

Enrique Marty‘s sculptures depict everyday life with exaggeration. He begins by making molds of actual people, and then he plays with proportion. In this way, his work is like a tragicomedy, showing humor and horror at the same time.

Child Parents by Enrique Marty

Child Parents

Child Parents (above) is based on Marty’s parents. The Salamanca, Spain-based artist took molds of the elder Martys and then shrank them so they exist “between sculpture and puppet and pyschological objects”. He topped them off with real hair and clothes from his own nephew. The work comments on the parent-child reversal that occurs as we grow up.

Pablo and Ruth (from Art is Dangerous) by Enrique Marty

Pablo and Ruth (from Art is Dangerous)

Marty spends months on each sculpture. It is a laborious process done with oil paints.

Papa Mad by Enrique Marty

Papa Mad

I find these sculptures and installations quite mesmerizing.

80 Fanatics by Enrique Marty

80 Fanatics

Click through for one of the best titles ever, a self-portrait and video.

Fear and Megalomania in 15 Different States by Enrique Marty

Fear and Megalomania in 15 Different State

Curatordeus sculpture


Bitch-Slapped by God sculpture

Bitch-Slapped by God

Self-portrait by Enrique Marty